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A Step By Step Guide To Applying Car Touch Up Paint Smoothly And Quickly!

Car touch up paint can be the best way to repair scratches and paint chips. There are many other tips and techniques too that can enhance overall look of your car when repairing it.

car repair paint

Car touch-up paint can be found in a wide variety of places and even at reliable online stores. However, if you feel nervous when applying it, you can test the process on hidden area first. Read on and know how to do it.

Identify the shade or colour you need

The first step is to know what shade of paint exactly you will need. There are ample of shades of white and black as well as every colour in between.

Figure out all scuffs and scratches

Go over your entire car and find out the areas that require to be repaired. It can best be done when your vehicle has been washed and dried completely.

Prep work

Before getting started, ensure to do a little prep work to make sure that the finish lasts for a long time and looks awesome. Ensure that your vehicle is fully dry and clean before getting started.

Start the finish

In this step, you will require applying layers of the clear coat. This particular step is crucial for larger repairs than the small scratches and nicks.

Paint and wax

Begin applying the paint as per the instructions. This step is quick and simple. Once the paint gets dry, you can apply a thin coat of wax.